Managing customers/clients in QuickBooks Accounting Software

With QuickBooks, you can see all the details of your customers/clients in one spot.
The Customer Centre makes it easy to see all of your customer details in one organised screen.
See contact information, open invoices, and paid transactions at a glance.

To view customer centre, click the Customer Icon on the home page.

The Customer Icon on the QuickBooks home page makes managing your customer list and transaction easier. You can add a new customer to your list, edit an already existing customer or track transactions that are specific to a customers.

Follow the instructions on the QuickBooks customer centre snapshot below:

Use the To Do List to add a customer you want to follow up or have an appointment with:
Click To Do’s and Manage To Do’s:

Add small window pops up. Use this window to create a new appointment of follow up reminder in respect of a selected Customers Name as shown below:
Click OK to close the window.