How to track expenses in quickbooks - Quickbooks expenses

QuickBooks helps small businesses to keep track of each cheque, debit transaction, and cash purchases  so they can understand where your money is going. With everything in one place, you’ll be able to access all past payments and bills for each supplier with just a few clicks.

 TIP! There are two ways you can track your expenses on QuickBooks: Enter Bill and Write Cheque
1.      Enter Bill: Record expenses you have enjoyed but have not been paid for. Items that falls under this category are PHCN expenses, Service Charges etc

2.      Write Cheque: Record expenses that you paid for instantly. Items that fall under this category are mostly office expenses-Salaries and Wages, Stationaries, Printing among others.

    On the QuickBooks homepage, Click the Enter Bill Icon

Follow the instructions on each item and click save and close to record your outstanding expenses.