QuickBooks Invoice: How to delete an Invoice in Quickbooks Accounting Software

Few hours before I pen down this short article, we have just concluded a training program for one of our key clients who contracted us to help them train their Accounting staff on how to use Quickbooks effectively.

During the long-hour training, someone asked me a simple question 'How do I delete an Invoice if we finally discovered that it was an error'

For the benefit of my readers, I wish to share the answer to the above question in this short steps.

Before you can delete an invoice, you have to trace that particular invoice on Quickbooks.
To do this, go to Report on the Quickbooks homepage menu.

Click Report, Select Customers & Receivables and Click Open Invoice.
What this does is to help you specify the invoice from all the Open Invoice Account Report.

On the above window, Quickbooks is showing all the open invoices you created for your debtors.

This is what you will see when you double-click an invoice.
Double-check to confirm that you are deleting the right invoice to avoid error.

Right Click on the Invoice and Click Delete Invoice

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