QuickBooks Damaged Stock Adjustment:How to adjust your stock level

In situations where you experience changes in your inventory level – for example, some your stocks that have stayed beyond expiry date can be declared obsolete or unused and you want to discard them. This will change the quantity of inventory available for sale.

QuickBooks can adjust for this stock level.

From the QuickBooks Menu, click List and Select Item List

At the bottom of the window, click Activities and select Adjust Quantity/Value on hand.
Use the Adjustment Type drop down to select how you want to change your stock level:

Quantity: to change the number of stocks available

Value: to change the monetary value of your stocks.

Quantity/Value: to change the number of stocks and at same time monetary value.

Once you select the stock part or inventory to adjust, QuickBooks will show the current quantity on hand. All you need to do is enter the current stock level and difference (change)

Click Save and close.

QuickBooks calculate the current stock level based on your new inventory change.

Tip: If you select Value in the Adjustment type, QuickBooks will change Quantity on hand on the window to Value on hand.

Use this tips to learn how to adjust your inventory in QuickBooks