Chart of account numbering in Quickbooks - how to add account numbers

QuickBooks Accounting Software helps you to assign an account number to your charts of account which are in ranges depending the category of chart of account – income, expenses, asset and liabilities.

QuickBooks assigns numbers to each existing account, based on a standard system of numbering as follows:

1000s: Numbers in the 1000s are assets
2000s: Liabilities
3000s: Equity
4000s: Income
5000s: Cost of Sales
6000s, 7000s: Other operating expenses
8000s: Other income
9000s: Other expenses

To activate Quickbooks account numbering, Click Edit and Select Preference.

Use this window to activate the Quickbooks numbering.

On the above window, Click Accounting, Click Company Preferences and Thick Use Account numbers.

Click Ok to save changes and activate Quickbooks account numbering.