How to add sales rep in Quickbooks - Sales rep software

As a business owner, it is important for you to organize your sales representative records in one place so that you can accurately track your sales sources and teams' performance.

You may also place your employees on commission for certain sales mark which also demands that you set up a sales rep in Quickbooks

To add a sales rep in Quickbooks, click List, select Customer & Supplier List and click Sales Rep List

Click New to add a sales representative.

Use this window to add a new sales representative.

Sales Rep Name: Enter the full name of the sales representatives.

Sales Rep Initials: Enter the Initials. It is only the initial that will appears on the invoice drop down box.

Click Ok to save the sales rep in Quickbooks

When you create an invoice for a customer, Quickbooks will prompt you to enter the sales rep that won the sales transactions as shown:

The box in the window shows the section of the invoice templates you should select the sales rep.

Click Save and close to save the transaction.

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