How to pay employees in QuickBooks - QuickBooks Payroll Service

You should have familiarize yourself with my comprehensive post of how to set up employee payroll item in QuickBooks - which explains how you can set up payroll items like Wages, Bonus, Contributions, Deductions, Insurance and Pensions in QuickBooks Accounting Software.

To pay your employees in QuickBooks, it is very important that you understand terms like Scheduled Payroll and Unscheduled Payroll

Scheduled Payroll: When you set your QuickBooks Payroll to pay employee automatically during a specified period of time, that is a scheduled payroll.

To set the Schedules payroll, Click  Add/Edit Payroll Schedule

At the bottom left of your window, click Payroll Schedule and select New

Fill in the fields to set your Payroll Schedule.

Enter the period that is applicable to your business payroll period and needs.

Unscheduled Payroll: These are payroll that are not fixed to a specific payment period.

To pay your employee in QuickBooks:

 On the QuickBooks menu, Click Pay employees.

Use this window to process all employees payment and tax liabilities.

Click Unscheduled Payroll to process employees payment without a specific period.

As indicated above, select the employee you want to pay and click continue

This window shows a summary of the selected employee pay including Tax, deductions, contributions, hours worked and net pay.

Bank Account: Select the bank from which the payroll is financed.

Pay period end: select the period employees' pay are deemed to be due for payment.

Payment date: select the date payments are processed.

click Create Payment

This shows that your payroll payment has been successfully processed.

The Scheduled Payroll will be processed automatically since you have already specified the pay period.