As a business owner, it is very important that you set up a petty cash book to record expenses that are incurred on a daily basis.
Before you record reimbursement of expenses, you should have seen my tutorial on setting up a Petty Cashbook in QuickBooks.

To reimburse expenses in QuickBooks accounting software means you want to write a cheque to fund your Petty Cash Account so that your business can meet up with re-occuring daily expenses.

The following are the steps to Reimburse Expenses in QuickBooks software-
On the QuickBooks homepage, click Write a Cheque

A QuickBooks cheque window pops up. Fill in the fields with Reimbursement details:

Bank Account: Select the bank account you are transferring the funds from.

Ending Balance: Shows your bank's current account balance as at when the reimbursement is being made.

Pay To The Order Of: Write the Name of the Petty Cashier.

Date: Select the date of reimbursement.

Memo: Describe the transaction.
Account: Select Petty cashbook
Amount: Enter the amount being transferred to your petty cashbook.

Once you are done, click save and close.

The funds will be transferred to your petty cash account.

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