How to set price levels in quickbooks

Price level in Quickbooks helps you to customize your sales price for different customers. You may decide to review your price upward for customer and/or adjust price downward to reflect your preference or relationship with your customers or clients.

Quickbooks price level list can help you adjust your price.

On your Quickbooks menu, click Lists and select Price Level List

Use the Price Level window to create price adjustment types.

At the bottom left, click Price Level:

Click New to add a certain Price Level for your selected customers.

Price Level Name: Use this field to describe your price level.

Price Level Type: Define how you want to adjust your price level - Fixed percentage or Per item sold.

This Price Level Will: Select the direction you want to adjust your price level and enter the percentage change.

Round Up To Nearest: Select if the price level should rounded up or not.

Click Ok to save the price level

To Customize your price list for a customer:

On the Quickbooks home page, click Customer

A customer center appears. Double Click on a preferred customer.

Double click Adwin Ko

Click Payment Settings on the left side of the window:

On the Price Level Field, select Corporate Customers - that is the price level description.

Click Ok to adjust the price level for Adwin Ko

This implies that anytime you create an invoice for this customer, the price level will increase by 2.0% automatically.