How to set up Payroll Service in Quickbooks (Part II) - Integrate Payroll And QuickBooks Accounting Software

In one of my introductory post on Quickbooks Payroll Service, I highlighted 7 key information you need to make QuickBooks payroll work for you.

Here are the steps to integrating QuickBooks Accounting Software with QuickBooks Payroll Software - Simple Start, Pro, Premier or Enterprise.

First, you need to acquire the Payroll Licence Key inorder to activate the QuickBooks Payroll. Activating helps you to unlock the features of Payroll in your already installed QuickBooks and also process a scheduled or unscheduled payroll transactions.

To get started, Open a web browser and go to

Enter the requested information about your company:

• License and Product Numbers (located on the sticker in your CD folder or on your
confirmation e-mail)
• Company name and address
• EIN (Employer Identification Number)1
• Payroll contact information
• Credit card information to keep your subscription up to date

➌ (Optional) Update your payroll subscription to allow paying four or more employees (if
your current subscription only lets you pay up to three employees).

➍ Receive your unique payroll service key and write it down on the first page of
this guide.

Note: Your payroll service key is specific to you and your business. This number is required for
downloading payroll updates and using any of the other payroll service features to which you subscribed.
Payroll activation is a one-time process.

Entering your Payroll Service Key in QuickBooks
➊ Go to the Employees menu, click Payroll, and then click Enter Payroll Service Key.

➋ Click Install Payroll.

➌ In the Service Key field, enter your payroll service key and click Next.
➍ Click Finish.

QuickBooks automatically downloads any necessary payroll updates so you can begin setting up your payroll in QuickBooks.

After activation is complete, you can begin setting up your payroll.

You’ll need the information in the Payroll Setup Checklist (table on page 8; also online at to get started.

Go to the Employees menu and click Payroll Setup to begin entering your information.

See my post on 7 key information about your business you need to have in place to set up QuickBooks Payroll.