How to create purchase order in Quickbooks

Purchase order is a buy interest or simply put it like this: it is an order sent to a supplier stating the details of goods you want to buy.

It is not an obligation to pay until you have received the good ordered from your supplier.
You can only use purchase order in Quickbooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

To record a purchase order in Quickbooks, simply click purchase order on Quickbooks homepage.

A purchase order window will pop up for you to fill in the details of goods you want to buy.

Item: Select the products you want to buy.
Description: Describe products.
QTY; The quantity demanded.
Rate: Enter the cost of the product based on your market price
Customer: optional but used if your customer supplies the products.
Amount: Shown automatically based on rate and quantity ordered.

When you are done, click save and close to record the purchase order in quickbooks accounting software.