When your customers pay for goods bought at the time of ownership transfer, you create a sales receipt in quickbooks to record the transaction.
This is different from invoice –used when customers pay at a future date.

To create a sales receipt in Quickbooks,  go to the Quickbooks homepage as shown and click Create Sales Receipts.

Fill in the field as required:
Items: Select the item sold to the customer.

Qty: Enter the quantity of item sold

Rate: Automatically appears based on your price settings when you set-up Quickbooks.

VAT: Select VAT on sales code.

Amount: Appears automatically based on quantity and price.

Payment Method: Select cash, cheque or any other payment method used by your customer to pay.

Customer Job: Select the customer involved in the transaction.

Tax date: Enter the transaction date.

Other details will appear automatically based on predefined parameters.

Click Save and close to enter the transaction in Quickbooks.

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