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Quickbooks Technical Support Phone Number for Small Business Services

A QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number or a Pro Advisor Service is a dedicated QuickBooks expert who helps small business to ensure a hassle-free accounting software set-up, installation and implementation experience.

When you follow our Free QuickBooks Support and Tutorial Guide in this blog, you will see that we have carved a perculiar niche in the accounting software industry as a premium advisor that believes that when you are happy with your accounting reports, we are also happy.

How to pay payroll liabilities in QuickBooks – Payroll Software for small business

To pay your payroll liabilities means you want to settle part or full liabilities balance arising from employee payroll deductions like employee pension, contributions, insurance etc., which are payable from your bank account to relevant agencies for a specified period.
If you have read my post on how to set-up payroll items in QuickBooks, add and pay employees in QuickBooks, you should have familiarized yourself with most of the key task involved in QuickBooks Payroll.
Here are step-by-step guide to pay your payroll liabilities balance in QuickBooks
 I am assuming you have already integrated QuickBooks Payroll for your business.

QuickBooks Purchase Order Summary Report - Purchase Order Report Software for Small Business

Purchase Order Summary Report in QuickBooks shows details of your purchase transactions for a specified period.

Small business owners use this report to track total amount expended on good bought so that they can compare cost of goods with sales income and make informed decisions on purchase trend.

With QuickBooks software, you can view your purchase transactions on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

To view your purchase order summary report in QuickBooks, select report menu and click Purchase.

Batch Invoice in QuickBooks – Create Invoice for multiple customers in QuickBooks

Batch invoice helps you to process multiple invoices for customers at same time.
Invoice is a source document that shows the summary of goods bought by a customer, date, amount, VAT charges among others.
In my post on creating and managing invoice, I gave step by step guides on how to create an invoice in QuickBooks.
In a situation where you want to create invoice for multiple customers, following this tutorial may be time consuming as you will have to create an invoice for individual customer and proceed to the next.

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Reviews - Accept Payment with Intuit Pay Debit Card Online Service

QuickBooks online Credit Processing features is a unique  service that helps small businesses to accept payment online with Intuit Pay Debit Cards.

You can ease payment processing system and quickly reduce manual cheque clearance for your business.

QuickBooks for Oil and Gas business - Kerosene, Petrol, Diesel and Gas Sales Business

The way you record accounting transactions for other small business is not different from QuickBooks for Oil and Gas Business accounting.
From sales receipts, payment, bank deposits and generating custom financial report, QuickBooks can easily help you monitor your oil and gas business so that you can make informed decisions about your petroleum stocks.
The only source of concern for you as an oil and gas business operator is how to track your gas, fuel, kerosene and diesel sales transactions on a daily basis.

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QuickBooks Credit Card Reconciliation - How to reconcile your credit card statement in QuickBooks

QuickBooks not only helps you to reconcile your banking transaction statements, it can also track and reoncile credit card transactions so that you can trace the sources of every charges or fees deductions and payments on transactions with your credit card merchants.

To reconcile your credit card statements in QuickBooks, click Reconcile on the home page

QuickBooks for Hotels & Restaurants - Hotel and Restaurant Business Managements Software

In transaction entries, QuickBooks for hotels and Restaurants are almost the same but a hotel business covers additional item like income from room bookings which restaurant business does not.
Restaurant and hotel managers need accurate and up-to-date financial data so that they can better serve customers and improve the business profitability.
QuickBooks makes it easy to accurately track income from sales of Food and Beverages, Bar Sales, Catering Services  and expenses of the business so that you always know where the business stands. 

QuickBooks for asbestors or mesothelioma law firms - recording claims and settlement transactions

Mesothelioma is a disease caused by exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma victims almost always win money damages if they sue, but the cases can be complicated and a mesothelioma or asbestos law firm is usually needed to identify the parties who are liable for the asbestos exposure (asbestos manufacturers, insurance companies, or asbestos victims' trust funds) and begin the lawsuit or settlement process.( source: )

QuickBooks for small business can also be used for mesothelioma law firms. the software is designed to makes it easy for law firm to record and report each income that comes from legal charges (mesothelioma ) and also customize invoice for clients' reimbursement and access financial information on a real time basis.

QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier, Accountants software for small business management

Here are brief guides to selecting QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Accountants for small business.

QuickBooks Simple Start

· Manage your money in and Money out by making use of Simple Start’s easy to follow Home page and Tutorials.
· If you’re selling services and need to track your receivables, then Simple Starts is the perfect choice.
· Viewing your customer balances or daily sales is only a button-click away.
· Add your personal touch by designing your own professional-looking invoices, quotations and statements which can be emailed to your client in PDF format.
· Record your expenses and reconcile your bank statement to ensure for accurate income statement, Balance Sheet and Trial balance reports.

QuickBooks Accounts Receivable Report- How to find customers’ balance, Invoice and Collection report

One of the key signs that a business is on its road to down fall is the owners’ inability to track and manage account receivables This is because account receivables constitute an important part of expected cash flow which a business uses to finance day – to- day activities. (Order stocks, pay for expenses or settle liabilities)
If you manage your account receivables effectively via a real time reporting system, you would have an idea of how much is outstanding, what proportion of your liquid assets is yet to be recovered, cash collection strength and projected cash inflow from customer balance.

QuickBooks for Contractors - Construction Project Management Software

With QuickBooks, you can now manage accounting transaction  for your contractors / construction business, make deposit and payments, create and send invoice, manage wages based on hours worked and review report from your construction projects.

One ultimate advantage which makes it unique and different from other construction project management software is its ability to deliver financial report by projects, generally called Job Profitability Report

When you run a Job Profitability Report, you will see details of accounting transactions for a specific constructions projects which will help management view a summary of income and expenses incurred on site.

QuickBooks - Software That Helps Manage Your Business

Here are guides to using QuickBooks to manage your business.

Are you a business owner looking for a software that helps manage your business - from accounting, payroll system, clients and suppliers details, QuickBooks is one of the few accounting software you can rely on for effective reporting and data security functions.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how QuickBooks can manage your business as you grow in sales and branches.

You can find my post on how to create invoice for your business, sales receipts, among other key transaction recording functions QuickBooks can automate for your business.

How to print and email multiple invoice in QuickBooks

After you have created several invoices, QuickBooks has a print and email features which helps you to print or send the documents your customer via mail.

To Print an multiple invoice:

Click on the file menu, select print forms and click invoice

How to Print Checks in QuickBooks

One feature of QuickBooks that enables users' to keep transaction documents to customers, suppliers or any other dealing parties is its ability to print documents for reference purposes or transaction reconciliation.

To print Checks in QuickBooks, click File, select Print Forms and click Cheques

QuickBooks Time Tracker - Free Time Sheet And Billing Software for Employees, Suppliers or Customers

QuickBooks time tracking features helps business owners to track and record time spent by employees, supplier or clients on a service item. 

This feature allows you to attach a bill when creating an invoice or generating bills on time.

You can use these functionality alongside billing rate level for employees' payroll management.

To track time in QuickBooks, click Employee and select Enter Time

QuickBooks for Real Estate and Property Managers - Real Estate Software for Investors

For real estate and property managers or bookkeepers who work with real estate firms or investors that want to track their property investment, here are some vital guidelines on managing your properties with QuickBooks.

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All the step-by-step tutorials on how to record your daily business transactions in QuickBooks are not different – From tracking your income from rents: Sales receipts or generating Invoice, Deposit and Withdrawal of funds from bank, tracking property sales performance, Tracking and Filing VAT returns to Employee and Payroll management and Generating management reports Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheets.

Quickbooks inventory tracking and stock report for small business

Are you a business  that needs an inventory tracking, management reporting software system to helps you track  items that customers want, when they want them without having more inventory than you need or monitor your stocks on hand based on quantities sold and value? Quick Books can provide an up-to-date report on your stock using the average costing method ( calculating stock value based on the total cost of the old stocks plus the new stocks divided by the quantities on hand).

To view your stock report in QuickBooks, click Report and Select Stock

Cash Flow statement projection for small business in QuickBooks

If you are going to succeed in business, cash flow projection is a must-have skill you should master - After all cash as they say is the king.

Every business survival is dependent on the owners' ability to manage and project an organisation's cash flow for effective fund application.

QuickBooks, in all the accounting transaction record automation, understands this concept and has gone further to build a system which you can use to project your small business cash flow based on your current cash and bank balance, expected income and bill payable.

How to Update your Company Information in QuickBooks

As you plan to grow your business operation, some important information about your business may change to reflect your current trade identity – from business name, corporate address, financial year, head office, Tax office name and so.
QuickBooks can also help you to update your business profile information- which depicts its flexibility to suits any small business environment.
To make the necessary changes to your QuickBooks software, click Company and select company information

How And When can I file my VAT return?

When and how can I file my VAT return in QuickBooks? Here is a guide on how you can process and pay your VAT returns to relevant tax authorities in QuickBooks.

When you register you business for VAT at your local tax authority, you will be required to file your VAT returns monthly, quarterly depending on your tax law. Non compliance with these law will attract a penalty or legal action against your business from the tax agency.

You can refer to the tutorial on how to track VAT in QuickBooks if you are new to this accounting software.

How to perform Quick Data, Transactions or Name Search in QuickBooks

I have been using QuickBooks for a year with several or countless transaction entries in my company's data files, how do I perform a quick data entry search without combing through the rigors of selecting tabs on the software menu?

Here is a brief guide on how to search a specific transaction in your QuickBooks software.

How to set up users and password on single license in QuickBooks - buy additional license for your business

Many times, people ask me how many users can have access to QuickBooks and update transactions.

This was a major concern for one of our core clients who runs a health, medical and laboratory outfits with seven departments looking to give them independent access to QuickBooks on a shared file.

You can refer to intuits community on setting up additional license and sharing QuickBooks data file from different computer systems.

In as much as you are working on single-user license computer system, you can set up different users who can update your business transactions on that particular computer system but to a certain extent as pre-defined by the system administrator.

You can set-up users and place limit on the functions they are allowed to carry out in QuickBooks.

How to Track Sales Lead in QuickBooks – Leads Generation and Management Software in Business

Leads are targeted sales prospects which a business owner intends to convert to a buying customer in the nearest future.
As a business owner, it is important for you to have a sales lead tracking software that records, tracks and manages sales prospect  for future references and on-going follow- up as this will help the business manage its customer growth and business expansion strategies effectively and channel greater effort to hot leads
QuickBooks accounting software has also been designed to incorporate this aspect of winning customers in business by creating a Lead Centre window.
The Lead Centre window is synonymous to Customer Centre in data entry and reporting functions.

How to Make General Journal Entries in QuickBooks

General Journal in business accounting is a book of original entry used to correct errors, record transactions omitted or make necessary adjustment in your books of account.
Entries in General Journal must be in line with the Double-Entry Principle of Accounting.
To Make General Journal Entries in QuickBooks, click Company and select Make General Journal Entries

How to view Budget and Forecast Report in QuickBooks - Making Decision wIth Financial Figures

Budget and Forecast Report in QuickBooks shows a summary of your estimated or projected income and expenses for the next year.

See my tutorial on How to set up budgets in QuickBooks

Budget is a planning tool that helps managers to control their business finance.

To view your Budget and Forecast Report in QuickBook, click Report and select Budget and Forecast Report

How to view Sales Report Template in QuickBooks - By Item, Customer, Rep or Daily Summary

Sales Report in QuickBooks shows the amount of sales you made at a particular period of time or at the end of your financial year

Learn How to Record Sales Receipts in QuickBooks and Create and Manage Invoice.

You can view sales report in QuickBooks in different format.

To view your sales report, click Report on the QuickBooks menu and select whichever report you want to check.

How to View VAT Report in QuickBooks - VAT 100, VAT Item, VAT Exception in QuickBooks

When I posted the tutorial on VAT in QuickBooks, little did I know that it was going to be ranked the most popular tutorial in my QuickBooks Blog for over three months.
This suffixes that business owners and account managers are keen to understand how to manage VAT remittances, view reports and track VAT payables.
In this post, I will be sharing simple guide on how to view your VAT transactions and generate reports in QuickBooks.
Before I delve into today’s tutorial, I wish to share the two key VAT types business owners track on daily business transactions.

How to Add New Employee in QuickBooks- Name, Address, Employment Details in QuickBooks

Managing employee profile and payroll records is a very important task QuickBooks has simplified for business owners.
Beyond the popular accounting transaction processing and end-of the period account reporting functions QuickBooks does, payroll is another key business management system Intuits has incorporate in QuickBooks for easy payroll management functions.
One of them is employee information processing and management functions.

How to Backup and Restore QuickBooks Data Files

File backup and restoration is a very important data security and protection  task small business owners undertake periodically to help them save their financial data file on an external storage device which eventually act like a buffer against system damage or hard disk crash.
In this post, I will be sharing practical steps to backup and restore your data files in QuickBooks.

Backup Files in QuickBooks.
Click file on the QuickBooks menu and select Create a Backup