Batch Invoice in QuickBooks – Create Invoice for multiple customers in QuickBooks

Batch invoice helps you to process multiple invoices for customers at same time.

Invoice is a source document that shows the summary of goods bought by a customer, date, amount, VAT charges among others.

In my post on creating and managing invoice, I gave step by step guides on how to create an invoice in QuickBooks.

In a situation where you want to create invoice for multiple customers, following this tutorial may be time consuming as you will have to create an invoice for individual customer and proceed to the next.

QuickBooks can help you simplify this transaction entry via a batch invoice processing feature.

With Batch Invoice, you will select multiple customers, enter the value of goods bought, create a batch invoice and QuickBooks will import their contact information as pre-defined when you set up a new customer.

Here are window screenshot of Batch Invoice in QuickBooks

On the menu, click Customer and select create Batch Invoices

Make sure your customers' information are set up correctly because QuickBooks will import these information into individuals invoice.

Click Ok to confirm the accuracy of your customers' record.

Use this window to select the customers you want to include for batch invoice processing and click Add to move the customer to the right box.

Click Next to proceed.

Select the item for the batch invoice - Qty, Item type, Rate and Click Next

This window shows a summary of customers and item selected for invoicing.

Review and Create Invoice

QuickBooks will process the batch invoices.

You can Print or Email your Batch Invoice in QuickBooks or click Close