How to Backup and Restore QuickBooks Data Files

File backup and restoration is a very important data security and protection  task small business owners undertake periodically to help them save their financial data file on an external storage device which eventually act like a buffer against system damage or hard disk crash.

In this post, I will be sharing practical steps to backup and restore your data files in QuickBooks.

Backup Files in QuickBooks.

Click file on the QuickBooks menu and select Create a Backup

Use this window to create your company data file backup in QuickBooks.

Click Next

Click Browse to select where you want to save the backup file.

Select the storage device you wish to store your backup files and click Ok and click Ok

This window will ask when you want to save your backup copy. It is important that you backup immediately by selecting Save it now and click Next

Use the above window to save your backup file on your chosen storage device and click Save.

You will see a confirmation message that your QuickBooks data file has been saved.
Click Ok

To Restore a Data File in QuickBooks

After saving several copy of your company’s data file in QuickBooks, you can retrieve any of these files when you experience system damage or data corruption.

On the QuickBooks menu, click File and select Open or Restore Company

Select Restore a Backup Copy.

Click Next to continue

Select the location of your Quickbooks file - on your external storage device and make sure your file type is in '.QBB' extension to avoid file error.

click Open to proceed.

Click Next to select where you want to restore the data files from.

Click Save

QuickBooks will confirm that you data files are being restored as shown below:

Wait for QuickBooks restoration to complete 100%, you company data will be restored.


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