How to Track Sales Lead in QuickBooks – Leads Generation and Management Software in Business

Leads are targeted sales prospects which a business owner intends to convert to a buying customer in the nearest future.

As a business owner, it is important for you to have a sales lead tracking software that records, tracks and manages sales prospect  for future references and on-going follow- up as this will help the business manage its customer growth and business expansion strategies effectively and channel greater effort to hot leads

QuickBooks accounting software has also been designed to incorporate this aspect of winning customers in business by creating a Lead Centre window.

The Lead Centre window is synonymous to Customer Centre in data entry and reporting functions.

When your sales representative go out for prospecting, they can record their prospect in QuickBooks as thus:

On the QuickBooks menu, click Customer and select Lead Centre

Use this window to create new and manage existing leads

To add a new sales lead, click New Lead

Click Company and fill in your lead's business  information as required. 

Then click Contact to fill in the personal contact information of whoever is your direct person in the company and click OK

This window shows your sales leads.

Convert a Lead to Customer in QuickBooks

When you win a lead to a buying customer, QuickBooks can automate the conversion by moving the lead's information to your customer center.

Click the Tab in the black box

A window pops up - asking if you want to convert the lead to a customer.

Click Yes

This window confirms that your sales lead has been transferred to customer center.

Use this tips to learn how to track sales lead in QuickBooks.


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