How to view Budget and Forecast Report in QuickBooks - Making Decision wIth Financial Figures

Budget and Forecast Report in QuickBooks shows a summary of your estimated or projected income and expenses for the next year.

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Budget is a planning tool that helps managers to control their business finance.

To view your Budget and Forecast Report in QuickBook, click Report and select Budget and Forecast Report

On the small window, you have the option of selecting budget and forecast report type you want to view.

Budget Overview

This is an overview of your budget for a specified financial year.

Click Budget Overview

Select the budget period to use and click Next

Select a report layout and click Next, Click Finish.

Budget Vs Actual

This is one of the most important report business owners follow on a daily, monthly and yearly basis - it serves as a performance measurement.

When you view this report, it compares a business actual financial position to what it plans at the beginning for control and future planning purposes.

Click Budget and Forecast and Select Budget Vs Actual

Click Next, Next and Finish

Profit and Loss Budget Performance

As the name implies, it helps you to view your profit and loss performance against your budget.

Click Profit and Loss Budget Performance

Select the budget period to use and click Next, Next and Finish

Budget Vs Actual Graph

This shows a graphical representation of your budget compares to your actual performance.

Click Budget Vs Actual Graph

Forecast in QuickBooks

Forecast in QuickBooks shows projections for a specified period.

Click forecast overview, Next, Next and finish

Forecast Vs Actual

As the name implies, use this report to compare your projections against your actual figures.

Click forecast Vs Actual, Next and Finish