How to view Sales Report Template in QuickBooks - By Item, Customer, Rep or Daily Summary

Sales Report in QuickBooks shows the amount of sales you made at a particular period of time or at the end of your financial year

Learn How to Record Sales Receipts in QuickBooks and Create and Manage Invoice.

You can view sales report in QuickBooks in different format.

To view your sales report, click Report on the QuickBooks menu and select whichever report you want to check.

Select the type of Sales report you want to view in QuickBooks.

Daily Sales Summary

As the name implies, the daily sales report shows your business sales transactions on a daily basis.

Daily Sales Detail:

It shows a detailed analysis of your sales transaction - name of customer, amount sold and VAT deductions.

Sales By Customer Summary

This report shows the sales you made by customer category.

Sales By Item Summary

This report shows the sales you have made based on your product or items category.

Sales By Rep Summary

This report categorize your sales by sales representative performance.

And lots more.

Use this report to learn how to view sales report template in QuickBooks


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