QuickBooks Accounts Receivable Report- How to find customers’ balance, Invoice and Collection report

One of the key signs that a business is on its road to down fall is the owners’ inability to track and manage account receivables This is because account receivables constitute an important part of expected cash flow which a business uses to finance day – to- day activities. (Order stocks, pay for expenses or settle liabilities)

If you manage your account receivables effectively via a real time reporting system, you would have an idea of how much is outstanding, what proportion of your liquid assets is yet to be recovered, cash collection strength and projected cash inflow from customer balance.

QuickBooks Accounting Software can help you track your account receivables and generate a real time customer and receivables balance summary.

 On the QuickBooks menu, click report and select Customer & Receivables

Use this window to select the type of Customer & Receivables report you want to see.

Customer Balance Summary

This report shows a summary of your customer and their respective outstanding balance

Open Invoice

This report shows a summary of all your invoice to various customers.It show's customers' name, due date, ageing period and outstanding balances.

Average Days To Pay Summary

This report shows the average grace day within which your customers are expected to pay their outstanding invoice balances.

You can view more report from the Customer and Receivables report sections like: 

Use this tips to learn how to manage your account receivables report in QuickBooks