QuickBooks Credit Card Reconciliation - How to reconcile your credit card statement in QuickBooks

QuickBooks not only helps you to reconcile your banking transaction statements, it can also track and reoncile credit card transactions so that you can trace the sources of every charges or fees deductions and payments on transactions with your credit card merchants.

To reconcile your credit card statements in QuickBooks, click Reconcile on the home page

Use this window to kick start your credit card statement reconciliation.

Account: Select the type of credit card you want to reconcile.

Statement Date: Select your credit card statement ending date.

Beginning Balance: It shows the beginning balance of your statement.

Account: Select an account to categorize the credit card charges - I am assuming that the credit card is issued by a bank which is the reason I picked Bank Service Charges or else I would have created a new chart of account called Credit Card Fees.

Click continue to proceed

This window shows a summary of charges and credit transactions in QuickBooks.

Treating transactions that were not recorded in credit card account:
Credit Card Payment Transactions:  All payments into your credit card not effected in this account should be deposited into our credit card account to increase your balances.
Credit Card charges: you should read my post on how to record credit card charges in QuickBooks to reduce your account balance.

Click Reconcile Now to conclude your QuickBooks credit card reconciliation processes.

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