QuickBooks - Software That Helps Manage Your Business

Here are guides to using QuickBooks to manage your business.

Are you a business owner looking for a software that helps manage your business - from accounting, payroll system, clients and suppliers details, QuickBooks is one of the few accounting software you can rely on for effective reporting and data security functions.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how QuickBooks can manage your business as you grow in sales and branches.

You can find my post on how to create invoice for your business, sales receipts, among other key transaction recording functions QuickBooks can automate for your business.

Consider an hypothetical Professional Software Developer in the Technology industry. As a consultant who renders IT and software installation services, QuickBooks Simple Start is most suitable for him to track his finance because the QuickBooks Simple Start is designed for serviced based businesses to track receivables.

As his business grows to a level where he renders IT services and sells Technology Equipment, he is expected to upgrade to QuickBooks Pro. QuickBooks Pro has all the features of Simple Start and in addition manage inventory and sales through purchase order

When he expands his business to a level where he buys IT Equipments by Parts, assemble them to a Computer and supplies to clients - QuickBooks Premier becomes advisable. QuickBooks Premier adds strength to the business management of manufacturing of products.

QuickBooks Enterprise will come into play if he wants to track his stocks from different locations and allow multiple users beyond five (5) to updates daily business transactions on a shared network. QuickBooks Enterprise is specifically designed for growing and established companies to manage their increasing complex business finance.

This is a brief explanation of how QuickBooks Software is designed to work for small business as they expand to become large enterprise.