Church Accounting Software - QuickBooks for Church or Religious organisation

Like any other organisation, QuickBooks helps Church to organise their financial records so that leaders or decision makers can monitor the financial trend of their organisations.

Part of QuickBooks for Church tutorials has been treated under QuickBooks for non-profitorganisation.

All you need to do as the financial secretary is to track all your revenue sources – from Church offerings, giving, donations, Pledges, Building funds, Seminar registration, missionary support and other fund raising initiatives.

The expense channels are not different from a small business expenses. You can refer to my tutorials on how to record business expenses in QuickBooks
What you need to do is to integrate all these listed items and categorize them under income account.

To add each of these items in QuickBooks, click List on the menu and select Item List.

Follow my post on how to add new items in QuickBooks to learn how add your offerings, donations, members' giving etc.

Fill the details as shown above.

Leave the Rate box and Sales VAT code blank - this is because church or religious organisations as NGO's do not have fixed price rate on their items and are exempted from tax respectively.

Use this procedure to add your core revenue channels.

Managing your Members
You can record your members details in QuickBooks as your customers – refer to my post on how to add new customer in QuickBooks for complete details and add also see my post on how to add new employees in QuickBooks for guide on how to add your church workers’ profile

Recording Pledges:
Pledges like an invoice helps you to view summary of outstanding balances for a specific income – whenever your members make a pledge, you can create an invoice for a revenue item so that QuickBooks will assign the amount pledged to that member and at the end help you view report on your members’ outstanding balances.

 You can also refer to my post on how to set up budget for quick guide on planning your next year financial estimates.

Use this tips to learn church accounting software - QuickBooks for church or NGO's.