QuickBooks for Non Profit Organisation - Non Profit Fundraising Management Software

QuickBooks is not only designed for business that is profit driven but can also work for a non profit organisation - it also functions like a fundraising management software.

A non profit organisation is an organised entity that is geared towards community or societal impact. As an organisation, it is important that you have a reliable accounting system to capture your sources of income and expenses - donation, sponsored contributions, building fund, mission offering, pledges, seminary registration, special event expenses among others.

All you have to do as charity organisation is to recognize your revenue centers, expense channel and set up QuickBooks Accounting software.

This window shows a chart of account for non-profit organisation in QuickBooks.

Follow my post QuickBooks Payroll to learn how you can manage your employee and QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Enterprise to automate other transaction postings. You can use QuickBooks to run your non profit organisation.