QuickBooks Payrol Summary Report for Small Business - Employee Earnings, Payroll Liability Balance Report

QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report like other financial reports which I have discussed helps you to see an overview of your payroll transactions, pension contributions, employees earnings, payroll liabilities report etc for a specific period.

Small business owners, from the HR department, can use this report to make decisions that are related to payroll activities.

To see your various payroll activities and transactions in QuickBooks, click Report and select Employee & Payroll.

Payroll Summary Report

This report shows a summary of your payroll items - Employee wages, Taxes and Adjustments.

Payroll Liabilities Balances

This report shows a summary of your deductions but yet to be remitted to the appropriate tax, contribution or pension agencies.

Employee Earnings Summary

This report shows a summary of your employee earnings - salary, bonus, allowances, etc.

These are some of the numerous QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report for small business