A good SAP ERP Business one professional course, training and certificate class in Lagos Nigeria, with industry standard fee, is geared towards those individuals in small-sized to mid-sized companies who plan to use SAP's Business One application to perform basic business functions within their organizations.

According my SAP ERP Book Description on Amazon:

'SAP is the world's leading provider of ERP software and services, with worldwide revenue in 2004 of $9.7 billion and a 57 percent market share among major business application providers; it is one of the world's largest software companies overall
  • ERP is a flexible, open technology platform that helps businesses run more efficiently (and profitably) by providing integrated management of key operations and supply chains
  • Written for IT professionals who find it hard to get through SAP's complex documentation, our book demonstrates how ERP can cut costs, provides a clear overview of how the ESA (enterprise service architecture) model affects ERP, and shows how to implement the new ERP in the real world
  • Topics covered include reducing the cost of an existing IT backbone, using the new ERP to address a company's "pain points" and challenges, and proving the value of ERP through ROI (return on investment) and TCO (total cost of ownership) studies'
SAP Business One is a comprehensive set of integrated business management applications. 

Business One provides an entire set of core modules, including financials, sales, operations, customer management, and logistics, which enable a small-sized to medium-sized enterprise to manage all aspects of the business. 

This course provides an overview of the core functionality of SAP Business One including financials, sales, customer management, inventory, and reporting. In addition, the content is complemented by an assortment of activities that describe many of the day-to-day activities performed with Business One.

SAP Business One Course Outline:
 Master Data
 What is Master Data?
 Users
 Business Partners
 Payment Terms
 Activity
 Items
 Document Numbering
 Business Partner Reports

 Purchasing
 Business Aspects of Purchasing
 From Purchase Order to Outgoing Payment
o Document Header
o Document Body
o Document Footer
o The Document Chain in Purchasing

 Business Aspects of Sales
 From Sales Quotation to Incoming Payment
o Document Header
o Document Body
o Document Footer
o The Sales Document Chain
o Other Sales Functions
o Gross Profit as a Sales Indicator
 Sales Reports

 Business Aspects of Inventory
 Inventory in SAP Business One
 Inventory Valuation Methods
o Standard Price
o Moving Average Price
o FIFO: First In — First Out
 Pricing in SAP Business One
 Units of Measure in SAP Business One
 Catalog Numbers in SAP Business One
 Management of Serial and Batch Numbers
 Manual Inventory Transactions
 Physical Inventory

Financial Accounting
 Chart of Accounts
 The Posting Cycle in SAP Business One
 Journal Entries
 Journal Vouchers
 Posting Templates
 Recurring Postings
 Foreign Currency Postings
 Integrating Cost Accounting
 Financial Reports
 Banking
 Banking Master Data
 Incoming and Outgoing Payments
 Posting Bank Charges
 Linking Invoices to Payments

Sales Opportunities
 Sales Opportunities — Setup
 Sales Opportunities — Managing Sales Opportunities
 Sales Opportunities Reports
 Service
 Service Structure Components
 Service Contract as the Basis

Human Resources
 Human Resources Management in SMBs
 Employee Master Data
 Human Resources Reports

Here are the benefits of SAP Business One Certification

 Our Training leads a direct path to SAP Certification which is directly from SAP. 

 SAP Business One is an International ERP Package and used across the Globe having 13 modules. You will get certified in SAP Business One and effectively work on all 13 modules 

 You will pass the huge requirement to become a certified SAP B1 professional. 

 SAP Business One being a SME focus product and an affordable package has increased the customer base by over 200% year on year and driven the need of more certified professionals. You will stand on the successes of SAP Business One and gain global acceptance as an SAP professional.

 SAP Business One targets Industries in all verticals, which makes you acceptable in different industries. Career Option for Participants 

 SAP Business One Techno Functional Consultant: Responsible for SAP B1 solution implementation in to the industry as well as responsible for customization in SAP B1 solution according to the industry need 

 SAP Business One Functional Consultant: Responsible for SAP B1 solution implementation in to the industry 

 SAP Business One Technical Consultant: Responsible for customization in SAP B1 solution according to the industry need. 

 SAP Business One Sales Consultant: Responsible to suggest SAP Solutions to industries. 

 SAP Business One Support Consultant: Responsible to take care of entire SAP system in industry after implementation.

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