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How to use Airtel BIS on your Laptop and Enjoy Internet Browsing Everyday


How to Open Domiciliary Account in Nigeria - GTB FirstBank Access Bank

After I shared tips on how to cash in, on the next big Naira fall in 2017, people have been asking me questions on how to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria especially now that it's more expensive to pay online with your Naira debit card; no thanks to USD Naira exchange rate. 
In this guide, I will be providing the requirements banks expect you to meet up with before they approve and assign a domiciliary account number to you for foreign currency transactions.
Let's start with what a Domiciliary account is. A Domiciliary account, also know as Dom Account, is an account that's denominated in a foreign current; USD, Euro, GBP or any other currency aside from the Naira. You operate it the same you have been running savings or current account; from the deposit, withdrawal, and fund transfers. You can even apply for a credit or debit card attached to the account which is easier for online payments and withdrawal at ATM terminal.
Why you need a Dom Account? When you make a purch…

3 Little Known Secrets of GREAT STOCKS To BUY Before Price Growth

Have you ever wondered why some companies' share price skyrocket beyond the stock market roof that you wished you bought into the companies when they were still trading in cents? 

Google Inc, Microsoft Inc, Coca Cola, IBM, Pfizer, Bank of America, Gillette Inc. These companies are some of the BIG TIME winners in stock market that once traded below $5 before their value rose exponentially.

Take Google Inc for instance, their price per share as at when this report is compiled ended the day at $1060.79

If you had bought just 100 units at $5 (when they started small), that would be $500 investment capital.

Multiply that units by the current market price - $106, 079 

Someone living in Nigeria would have earned far above that when you factor in exchange rate gain.

This is just an example of how great stocks can multiply your money if you do your homework very well.

The big question is How Do I Spot Stocks Like This In Advance Before Price Gain?

Can Nigerians Really Make Money In America Stock Market?

You may have noticed a lot of buzz about investing in stock market investment, Here is a guide on how to trade America shares market from home or office, here in Nigeria.
American stocks refer to the common stock of smaller public US, Europe and Asian based companies that trades per share on a daily basis based on demand and supply trends.  Like Nigeria stock markets, they are regulated by the SEC and other authorities, but instead of trading through your broker via a mandate form, you can gain direct access to the market if you have all the minimum requirements to be registered investors.

Today, American stocks are offering smaller investors like you a great opportunity to earn significant up-side on their investments.
The benefits occur for two reasons:
1. It doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in American stocks.
Unlike the Nigeria share market where you need at least N50,000 to open a stock trading account, you can start investing in American listed shares for as low as $100 (N16,0…

How to Invest Profitably: Bible Secret Principles To Picking The Best Stocks To Buy In 2014

Over the years, stock market investment remains one of the most profitable businesses you can run from the comfort of your home, with great assurance of a steady income. This is because, if you do your homework very welllike many of the successful investors, money managers and mutual funds such as Warren Buffet, John Templeton, William O’Neill among several others; the market will definitely pay you, even in tough times.
The simple reason investors lose huge money in the market is embedded in the letter sent to Timothy by Apostle Paul: ‘…the Love of Money Is the Root of All Kinds of Evil’ (1 Tim 6: 10)
The desire to  make Quick Money in the stock market makes investors to  rush into any stock that rises in share price; bullish trends. As price pose a downward trend, they quickly sell at a loss without following the well-guided principle according to King Solomon in the book of Proverbs.
‘The simple believes everything (buy every stocks) but the prudent looks where he is going (analyse the…