In recent times, there seems to be an upsurge of  interest in Football competition. from EPL, Champions League to La Liga, it is no surprise that people have been earning billion of dollars from this sport sector either as club owners or from betting sites.

For those of you that may be asking a question like: is it possible to be a shareholder in football clubs with my little cash of N16,000 and above? the answer is YES.

You do not need to be as rich as Stan Kroenke (Arsenal's largest shareholder), Roman Abramovich ( Chelsea's largest shareholder) among others to enjoy part of the billion dollars annual returns posted by big clubs.

All you need to know is how you can open a shares brokerage account and start accumulating shares in these clubs.

Back to the thrust of this article, playing football bet and becoming a shareholder in football clubs, which is better?

Focus on Reliable and Consistent Return: One of hidden secrets to becoming rich in life is to seek a system that can offer a reliable and consistent return on your investment at a lesser risk while you sleep well at night.

In football betting, you can make huge win on a bet, but you cannot be guranteed when you will make another big win because football winning trends in real sense are not predictable.

Who will believe that Arsenal could top EPL table for the past two months as at when this report is posted?

In the midst of big players in ManU, Chelsea, ManCity and so on.

In footbal betting, you cannot be guranteed of reliable and consistent income rather you will only be living on uncertaintly which is not the best way to earn a living.

Owning shares in Football clubs: Let me explain football shareholding from this perspective:

When you are declared part owner of a business, one of the ways you can be compensated for investing your money in a company is to get a share of dividend distribution annually.

Football clubs are worth billions of dollar in value. From royalties, broadcasting rights, store sales and ticket sales, they make profit to the extent that there owners are not really concerned about their football winning trends, even though it matters, but how much is available as cash distribution during annual general meetings.

You can see that while others are speculating a match by staking their hard earned cash, shareholders are awaiting reliable return on investment in form of dividend.

The big question is, which od them do you think is better?

Arsenal in recent times has been lagging as overall league champions but from my analysis of their annual report, they have been consistent in rewarding shareholders and at the same time disappointing fans who prefer to bet on their match performance.

Do you love football and want to earn a share from the billion dollars profit posted annually? take a retreat from from football betting and start thinking of how you can own shares in your favorite clubs.

Please share your comments and opinion.

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