Domiciliary Account, unlike a normal savings or current account, is foreign currency denominated account. This account, which you can open in any Nigerian bank, enables one to transact business in US dollars, Euro or Pound Sterling.

What people do with a Domiciliary Account?

Generally, a domiciliary account is used to send and receive money to/from merchants in foreign countries - from investing in American Shares, trading pure gold online, paying for international trade or services, school Fees, genuine fund transfer and so on.

Here are simple steps to open a Domiciliary Account:

1. Approach your local bank and request a domiciliary accounting opening form.

2. Fill in the form appropriately and look for two people with a current account to help you fill the reference form.

3. Go to the bank where you picked up the account opening form with either Drivers License, National ID or International Passport, Utility Bill, Two Passport and submit the form.

4. Most banks will request for at least $100 along side the form to process your account.

Once you meet these requirements, an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with your Domiciliary account number.

For inquiries on how you can start a profitable business with your domiciliary account, call +234 8084219299

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