How to use Airtel BIS on your Laptop and Enjoy Internet Browsing Everyday

For those of you that don’t know how to connect your blackberry to your laptop and browse anytime with your Airtel BIS data plan, here is how I use my laptop to browse online using my blackberry as a modem.
Firstly, download the blackberry desktop manager on your laptop:

After installing the blackberry desktop manager on your laptop, connect your blackberry to the laptop with a USB cable and open the BB desktop manager.

A picture of your BB device will be shown on your desktop manager when it is connected to your laptop.

At the top left of the BB desktop manager, click Tools and select Mobile Internet settings

Click Add and enter the following code for Airtel browsing on your PC as shown below

Once you are done, click OK and click OK again to activate your internet browsing.

Finally, go to Tools and select Start Mobile Internet.

At the bottom of your BB desktop manager, you will see a green signal that your laptop is connected.