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Free Browsing on Etisalat Sim on PC using Tunnel Guru

Here is how to browse free using Etisalat Sim on Tunnel Guru:
1. Download Tunnel Guru here for 32 and 64 bits 2. Go to your Mozilla Firefox settings and configure it like this: Http proxy: 6052 and ssl 6052
Use any of the server below:
Server Ip: ( Enter in Web Host) ( Netherlands-1) (( Netherlands-2) ( Canada-1) ( Canada-2) (USA-1) (USA-2) (UK-1) (UK-2)

Use both HTTP and VPN Server from same location and make sure you have a Java run time installed and enabled for your PC
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How to avoid Bluetooth Hackers on your Android BlackBerry iPhone iPad Nokia

Do you know that your smartphone can be hijacked by someone else without your consent? Here are some of the actions one can take on your phone when they hack your Bluetooth: send airtime, receive your calls, read your text messages or even transfer your contacts.

Bluebugging, Bluespamming and Bluesnarfing are some examples of Bluetooth attacks that have evolved over time which allow attackers to take full control of a device and access mobile phone commands via Bluetooth, allowing phone calls to be made, text messages to be sent and access to the data stored on the device. 

Some victims have suffered loss of data like their contacts or important files on the memory card. Others have ended up victims of identity theft after sensitive data on their mobile phones were accessed. 

Here are a number of steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of these attacks.

Turn Bluetooth off
This is basic to avoiding any of the Bluetooth attacks; and unfortunately many people are in the habit of knowing…

Download Quickteller Mobile App for Android BlackBerry iPad Nokia iPhone

Download Here - Free Mobile App for All Smart Phones

Quickteller, powered by Interswitch Nigeria limited, makes it easy to pay merchants and accept payments from your customers using multiple sources and channels. You can accept payments directly on your website,, ATMs, SMS, etc.

With the Quickteller mobile application, you can execute banking and payment transactions via your smartphone wherever you are.

According to With your Verve cards. From your PhoneBuy airtime for all networksPay to DSTV, ipNX, Aero, Swift, Startimes. And more.Transfer money to bank accountsNo need to register for a wallet!Download Here - Free Mobile App for All Smart Phones

The Quickteller app is available on BlackBerry,  Android, Nokia Store, iPad and iPhone
Here are the SMS commands if I want to do transactions by SMS:
Text the commands below to 32122
'bank BALANCE' to check your account balance.
e.g. ZENITH BALANCE'bank OTP' to generate a SafeToken for a web transacti…

Download iRokoTV App for Android iPad BlackBerry - Watch Nollywood & Yoruba Movies

Download Here - Free Mobile App for All Smart Phones
Gone are those days when you had to rent Nollywood movie from the nearest Video club and wait for NEPA to smile before you watch your favourite movies.

iRokoTv, Nigeria's biggest home movies streaming platform, offers a wide range of Nollywoods movie which you can watch online wherever you, enjoy mobile entertainment and follow latest film releases on their Facebook page.

With iRokoTv mobile app, now available on Windows phone and Android Play store, you can watch latest Nollywood movies on your mobile phone wherever you are. Though you have to pay $5 monthly to gain unlimited access to Nigeria films streamed in HD quality to your mobile device, there are over five thousand (5000) Nigeria movies online.

You can select and watch from a wide range of latest Nollywood movies by year of release, actors, actresses, Soap opera or TV series on your mobile phone.

Here are links to download iRokoTv mobile application

Download Here - Free Mob…

Download Mobile App for BlackBerry Android Nokia Apple Windows Mobile Phone

You can now enjoy latest football news and get live scores wherever you are without limit. Mobile Application, available on BlackBerry World, Android Store, Nokia OVI Store, Apple Store & Windows phones, gives you up-to-the minutes news of whats happening.

According to,

The FREE Mobile Application, quicker and slicker than ever, comes in specific versions all optimised to your own mobile device.

The app is available in 13 different languages, and brings you all of the content from our worldwide network of reporters.

Features include*:
•    Real time access to all content, including video
•    Live scores and in-match commentary
•    In app customisation to set up ‘favourite club’
•    Ability to share content direct to your Facebook or Twitter accounts
•    Pin favourite articles to homepage
•    View league tables
•    Ability to change editions

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MTN Dobox App Free Download on Android BlackBerry iPhone iPad

You can now watch Latest Nollywood Movies on your phone via MTN Dobox Mobile App Download for FREE
MTN Nigeria has partnered Do Media to launch the MTN DoBox Mobile App Download, designed to allow subscribers gain access to the latest and most exclusive movies on their mobile phones.

MTN, in a bid to bring cinema closer to its consumers, through their mobile phones, has introduced, first of its kind, Mobile Cinema, a platform which will enable its subscribers gain access to latest blockbuster, premier and short movies, by simply subscribing to MTN DoBox app. The subscriber will invariably, be able to rent any movie of choice, for duration of time, from the well-stocked vault of premium movies, from the Dobox app.

The app leaves subscribers, who are lovers of premier and blockbuster movies, with no stress of going to the cinema to watch premier and blockbuster movies, as once, the app is downloaded and registration is done, subscribers can rent movies with a token, without further use o…

Download eTranzact Mobile App - Banking Application for Nigeria Banks

A Complete guide to download eTranzact Mobile Banking Application
Download Here - Free Mobile App for All Smart Phones

Doing business and processing online payment online has become easier than you can imagine. 

Unlike the traditional way of banking - where you would have to walk into any of the Nigerian Bank to make payment, wait for your merchants to confirm receipts before goods are delivered to you OR you request for your bank transaction statement to verify the receipts of your customers' payment before you send your products to them, banking transaction can now be processed on your mobile phone via eTranzact Mobile Application.

With eTranzact mobile app, you can access your bank account in any of the Nigeria banks on your mobile device.

Company Overview
eTranzact is the first online real-time payment system that allows account holders to pay for goods and services purchased from merchants, transfer funds to any bank account, mobile phone, any card, pay bills, order products e.t.c …

Download Channels TV Mobile App for Android BlackBerry iPad Nokia - Watch LIVE TV on Mobile

Channels TV is one of Nigeria's top Television station you can watch & get real-time and up-to-the minutes news on events and happenings in Nigeria. You can get latest information from Politics, Business & Finance, Entertainment, Sport, Celebrity, Fashions, Health, Lifestyle, Interviews and Opinion.

Channels Television’s bias for news has placed it well above other competitors in the Nigerian television industry.

Download Here - Free Mobile App for All Smart Phones The station has bagged the ‘Best Television station of the Year’ an award endowed by the Nigerian Media Merit Award Trust – eight times in the last thirteen years (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2013), thereby making Channels Television “the Station of the decade”. The company is staffed with some of the best broadcast journalists in the country, with more than 200 staff strength, some of whom have received training in Europe, South Africa and the United Kingdom and the United States, and many also b…

Buy Perfumes Online for Men Women in Nigeria - Best Girlfriend Boyfriend Perfumes On Sale

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You don't have the second chance to correct the first impression as they say. You wouldn't like to see yourself in the midst of friends, relations or business associates and find your presence unnoticed, unattractive, not admired or see them fleeing from you because of unfriendly smells.
These scenarios are not only applicable to men or women that do not wear perfume but also to people that wear low-quality perfumes. In case you don't know, there are perfumes that may smell nice but for a short duration and at the end turn out to produce a bad odour when mixed with natural sweat.
Based on this, you must keep in mind that the important character of a good perfume is the ‘Strength of a fragrance’. The strength of a fragrance gives the true value of a fragrance. This character mainly found in both men's and women’s fragrances. 
There are several groups of frag…

Download Pinterest Mobile App on Android BlackBerry Windows iPad iPhone Online

Pinterest is a photo sharing social network where you can organize all the beautiful pictures you love, upload them and have your friends share (pin) it online until it becomes viral online.

With Pinterest Mobile Application, you can experience the flexibility of sharing your pictures online where you are from your mobile device.

Pinterest Mobile Application is available on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, iTune stores (iPad & iPhones)

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Here are links to download Pinterest Mobile Application online.

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on BlackBerryon Androidon iTune (iPad & iPhones)for Windows Phone

Buy Best African Ankara Dresses Styles Online - Ankara Tops Design On Sale

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There is nothing like looking natural and being '100% African' from Top to Toe.

Wearing the popular western styled attire at all time like Jeans, Pants Trousers etc, even though its good and flashy, may not be fit for certain occasions and events in Africa - from Wedding, Burial, Chieftaincy &Tradition Ceremony and so on. You need to blend your look and outfit in order to be accepted as a guest into certain royal occasions and gathering.

It is these awareness that different Ankara dresses are now trendy and in vogue for your to choose from. You don't have to pass through the hurdles of seeking a professional and tradition bound tailor to measure you, cut a custom made stylish Ankara dresses and wait for weeks to get your desired traditional dresses delivered to you. Those days have gone. We are now in a modern world of online shopping.

From online s…