Best 3 Money Making Business Ideas for Student Enterpreneurs On Campus

You have been depressed in School because your parents or guardians are not sending money to you as at when you needed it most Or you are a final year students of a college or university and still wondering how you will survive before you get a job? 

From my personal experience in campus and interaction with some of my student friends that are making cool money from online and offline businesses, here are practical business ideas you can implement today, make money as a student and stand out from the crowd.

Learn How I Make Money Blogging Online

Tutorial Service Business: As a student, you must have one or more courses that you love so much and passionate about that gives you confidence of boosting your GPA during exam. Why not start a Saturday and Sunday tutoring business for your junior colleagues - first year students in your department and charge them par-class.

Assuming you have one hundred (100) newly admitted students in your department and you charge one hundred Naira (N100) par class for Saturday and Sunday classes to help them learn ahead of their normal class teachings, how much do you think that would be? N20,000 per week which equals N80,000 per month.

Blogging Business: Blogging is a lucrative part-time business for people that understand the key secrets to making real money.

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'When you blog on what you know, passionate about and solve people's problem online or add value, you success cannot be hidden'

Learn How I Make Money Blogging Online

Imagine that you have learn't how to blog for the past 5 years like OgbongeBlog using the right knowledge,skill and internet tools available on Google, what do you think would have happened?

My favorite blogging tutorial website is You will learn from successful bloggers, all that you need to create a blog and make money.

Tips: I am not talking about Entertainment Blog, I mean Evergreen Tutorial and Education blogs - blogs that, in the next 20 - 30 years, people are still visiting for tips and ideas. 

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Social Networking Site: I remember the Unilag twins that started - the social networking website that grew to the extent that it surpassed  one million (1,000,000) members, got sponsored by Etisalat Nigeria and was later bought at an estimated value of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) 


You can start a mobile or web social network for your department, faculty or school, share education and exam related issues, drive membership from all the departments, share fliers and graduate as Top Social Innovator, get advertisers or companies to sponsor your social network and make money from it.

These are never-fail and recession proof businesses you can start as a student on campus and make money before you graduate.

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