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You don't have the second chance to correct the first impression as they say. You wouldn't like to see yourself in the midst of friends, relations or business associates and find your presence unnoticed, unattractive, not admired or see them fleeing from you because of unfriendly smells.

These scenarios are not only applicable to men or women that do not wear perfume but also to people that wear low-quality perfumes. In case you don't know, there are perfumes that may smell nice but for a short duration and at the end turn out to produce a bad odour when mixed with natural sweat.

Based on this, you must keep in mind that the important character of a good perfume is the ‘Strength of a fragrance’. The strength of a fragrance gives the true value of a fragrance. This character mainly found in both men's and women’s fragrances. 

There are several groups of fragrances which have different types of floral. The different types of aromatic oils and other ingredients makes the fragrance fresh, woody, and oriental. 

These type of quality perfumes are not easily found on shelves of most departmental store.

However, Konga has gone a step ahead to bring these long lasting perfumes brand under one shopping platform so you can select your preferred perfume, order and pay on delivery to your doorstep.

You will find brands like Amouage, Aramis, Armani, Avon, Azzaro, Bath & Body Works, Bebe, Beckham, Beyonce, Bond No. 9, Britney Spears, Bucheron, Burberry, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Careline, Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Iceberg, Givenchy, Kenneth Cole, Kenzo, etc.

These are some of the numerous top perfume brands you will select from on Konga Store. 

No matter what kind of perfume you may choose to wear, it is undeniable that a good perfume should do the following:
  • Smell good. The primary reason why many people use perfume is to smell good. This is the biggest and most important benefit of using perfume. It will help you ensure that you smell good no matter what you do.
  • Confidence booster. Just like with an outfit that you know looks good on you, wearing perfume can help boost your confidence simply because you know that you smell wonderful. Choosing a scent that accurately reflects your personality also helps put you in the right mood as well as helps you project yourself with more confidence.
  • Mood enhancer. Are you feeling playful and sexy? Or maybe timid and reserved? All perfumes offer particular smells that you can associate with different moods. Wearing a perfume whose smell corresponds to the mood that you are in will help you project this mood better. Whatever mood you wish to put yourself in, wearing a perfume that gives off that impression will help you get yourself in that mood faster.
  • Increase attraction. Many individuals have experienced being attracted to someone simply because of how the other person smells. Whether a perfume contains pheromones or not, it can easily function as a natural aphrodisiac or an instant attraction-getter. Sometimes even without seeing what a person looks like, some people can instantly feel attracted to someone because of how that person smells.
  • Improve health. Although there is no specific evidence to prove that can improve one's health, the benefits discussed above, particularly about enhancing one’s mood, will help to improve one’s health.
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