Download GTBank Mobile Money Application for Android BlackBerry iPhone iPad Nokia Free

Before GTBank Mobile Money Apps, doing transactions in bank could be tedious and time consuming. Considering the time it will take you to leave your home/office comfort, walk into the banking hall and spend countless hours on Queue, waiting to be attended to at the customer service desk or get your questions answered by a local bank.

Download Here - Free Mobile App for All Smart Phones

It is on these premises that GTBank, developed a mobile banking application that makes it easy for customers/ account holders to carry out 90% of banking transactions via a mobile phone.

Download Here - Free Mobile App for All Smart Phones

GTBank mobile application, which is available on Android, BlackBerry iPhone iPad and Nokia phones, provide a convenient, secure and affordable way to send money to friends and family from your mobile phone. With Mobile money, all phone users can transfer funds to any recipient in Nigeria and also pay for goods and services with their mobile phones. 

Here is a link to download the GTbank Mobile Money App on your phone.

on iPhone/iPad

on Android

on BlackBerry

 on Nokia

To Register

1. Open the app on your phone
a. For Etisalat SIM users, open the Mobile Money app from your SIM Tool Kit
b. For Blackberry and Java enabled phone, locate the GTMobile icon on your phone
2. Click on Register and provide answers to the questions. i.e. First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth.
3. After you have responded to these questions, you will receive a text message containing your activation token (6 digits) e.g. 55225628

1. To activate go to the GTMobile Money app and click on activate.
2. Enter your activation token (6 digits) e.g. 55225628
3. Choose a four digit account PIN e.g. 4357; Repeat the PIN to confirm that you entered it correctly the first time.
4. You will receive a welcome text message from GTBank and your MobileMoney account is ready for use.