Google ad sense for domain was shut down due to proliferation of invalid clicks on advertiser's ads. I just got a confirmation that they are back for a while and now operating via a partner network -

If you look at a domain I just parked with them - their adverts is clearly verified that its from Google Adwords.
Here is a domain I registered, tested and got a result today with an online account snapshot -

Google Adsense for Domain Business for Beginners - Tips and Guide

If you have been thinking of a good internet business you can start today as a plus to your current monthly income without dispensing much energy and does not need much of your attention on a daily basis - like Saturday and Sunday, I wish to announce that Google Ad sense for Domain Model is Back in a different and reliable business model.

The First Question I will like to answer is What a Domain Name is?
Names Like,,, e.t.c are all domain names.

In this short article, I will be sharing simple but not yet known steps you can follow to enhance your internet income on an autopilot without a website design experience.

Here is  snapshot of my account with but not reliable for cash withdrawal.

This is not a get-rich quick business tips but a step-by-step guide.

Adsense For Domain Name Business Steps.

 1.Register a domain name (with reliable domain name registration company here in Nigeria) and get your domain registered in 24 hours.with your ATM Card.

If you do not know how to register a domain name, call 08084219399

2. Choose a domain name in a high paying niche. Names in Insurance, Web hosting, Credit Card, Forex, Online degree, Jobs, Website design and Online trading Loan earn higher return on clicks when you park them with

3. Park them with

What is Ad sense for domain all about?
When you search for a product online using Google Search engine, on the result page you will see a link tagged 'Sponsored link' as shown in the circle below.

They are special advertising program called Google Adwords. These are links to companies that pay into Google account on a daily basis for every click generated online.

When you register a domain name, park it with to, Google will use your domain for website advert and you will get paid per click on the adverts on your domain.

All your money earned are paid via check or bank wiring.

Here is a snapshot of my earnings in weeks - for confirmation before posting this article on my blog:

 Be assured that any internet business idea i share on my blog is genuine and scam-free

See my preferred domain name provider on register your domain name with your local credit card and park it online

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