How to Buy Shares In Apple, Facebook, Google and Make Money in 2014

2013 was a year of technology innovation and advent of new start-up ideas. Many companies introduced new internet technologies and mobile phone devices which has earned them billions of dollar as pure profit.

Apple Inc was rated the number one brand in the world. Facebook experienced an increase in its membership base beyond 1 billion registered users and Google introduced several social network technology that aims to revolutionalised the way people share ideas and stories online via Google Plus.

In all these new developments that I mentioned, one thing is paramount among them, 'they are all aimed at increasing the revenue base of these technology companies and reward shareholders.

For those of you, who may be thinking of how you can earn a share of these profit, here are my simple step to buy shares in Google, Apple and Facebook Inc.

1. Open a Domiciliary Account: Click here to view my post on How to open a Dom Account.

2. Open a US Shares Investment Account: See my post on How to trade US Shares Online

How to Make Money Buying Facebook, Apple and Google Shares

As at the time the report was posted, Facebook is trading at $54.56, Google at $1105 and Apple at $540.98. On average, this Technology companies returned between 50% - 100% Profit while paying dividend consistently for the past 5 years except Facebook Inc.

When you buy shares in these companies, it is not only in share price that you will make money but a constant flow of  foreign currencies into your bank account via Dividend.

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