How To Make Money Blogging: 3 Secrets To Turn Your Blog to a Part time Income Business

A lot of bloggers are in the habit of posting without adding value and hope to become LINDA IKEJI Someday.

Every day, new blogs are springing up without a well-thought out content delivery structure and this is common especially with entertainment blogs.

I want to share three (3) practical strategies you can adopt and turn your blog to A MUST READ content spiller.

Do Enjoy!

1. Passion: As a new blogger, leverage your passion –I mean Passion that delivers value to people. Be sincere to yourself when you evaluate your innate abilities. Take your time to note down certain traits your friends see and talk about and select the one that solves a problem.

If you are not sure of your passion, learn a skill and run with it. I studied accounting and as a result of my good grasp of accounting for small business and technology, I created this Accounting Software tutorial and technology blog. 

Today, it has given me opportunities to train people through my company.

2. Persistence: Be consistent, it is not every new idea that comes your way you should jump at. As long as you are out there via the internet, solving problems and adding value to peoples’ life continuously, you will definitely become a brand.  Even if there is no money in your bank account, your passion is the only lubricant that drives every rough edge in your blogging business. That is why you cannot separate these two traits.

From my ‘time to success’ research on Top Blogs In Nigeria, it will be shocking to know that it takes a maximum a year of consistency to start earning good money. If you deliver distinctive value to readers, your blog will pay your salary for life.

3. Search Engine Optimization: When I started this Blog, I did not craft my article headlines from my head, I used Google Keyword tool which has contributed to increase in highly targeted blog traffic.

Google keyword Tool is one of the greatest offers Google has brought into the internet space for advertisers to use when running online advert. But over time, it has helped webmasters to optimize their search engine ranking for higher page views.

When you search terms like Celebrity news and gossip, what comes to your mind? LINDA IKEJI.

When you search online shopping, what comes to your mind? JUMIA

When you type Latest Jobs, JOBBERMAN Pops up!

These websites have built online brand that are connected to customers’ language.

To increase your brand online, you have to understand your customers or visitors language and embed it in your product offerings or blog post.