How to Make Money Selling Unwanted Jewelry or Gold to US Buyers Via FedEX

Do you have broken, unwanted or just plain ugly gold jewelry that you no longer want or need? Then there is a lot of cash that can be put in your pocket right now! Gold is back up and you can make up to 90% for these items of yours. It only takes a minute to request a free, insured mailer that we will be sent to you. So request the mailer and have cash in your hands in only a few days. This is what is saying.

Gold, next to land, is one of the lasting physical asset you can buy today and sell at a higher price even if it is broken or damaged. Back to 200BC up till now, it has maintain its relevance as a store of value, way to preserve one's asset  and hedge against rising inflation globally.

During the period of economic crisis, gold price rose exponentially to a record high as central banks prints more money to bail out businesses from collapse.

Here are simple steps to start a used gold business from home:

1. Look for people that have broken gold or unwanted jewelries at home.

2. Offer to pay them a small percentage of the cost of purchasing the jewelry and collect the physical gold.

3. Request a Free Mailer from, package the broken jewelry inside the mailer and send it to the address provided via FedEX.

4. Wait for a call to confirm the receipt of the gold items and amount payable.

5. Upon acceptance of the offer, your payment will be sent via Western Union.

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