How to Start a Food Blog - A Profitable Business Idea for Home Based Mums

I am writing this article to help unemployed mums at home so that they can brace up to the opportunities around them.

Are you a nursing mother, recently left your job and you have been staying at home for a while seeking a part-time business you can start so that you will have time for your kids, here is my unbiased practical step to starting a food blogging business from home.

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You cook everyday, why not create a food blog and start a business from your kitchen?

 I recently stumbled on a group on Facebook 'so you think you can cook' and saw virtually everybody posting images of what they cook and their favorites recipes on the group's page. 

A question just popped up from my memory - what if these members have a blog and had posted these food recipes, what would have been the result? 

Wow! that is a complete combination of local and intercontinental recipes on one's blog.
We are now in a society that is driven by I.T and Internet. From the comfort of your house, you can reach out to other mums from around the world, share ideas, answer food related questions and turn your blog to a business.

Steps to get your blog started:

1. Develop a specific food recipes category - Africa recipes or general food recipes

2. Register a domain name that is related to the central theme of your food blog and host a website.
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3. Start posting food recipe images on a daily basis - you can do this after cooking in your kitchen.

4. Promote your website online and drive targeted visitors or interested mums.

Possible Profit Making Potentials of a Food Blog

These are my personal thought and ideas of the revenue generating power of a food blog, the potentials are endless.

1. Develop a video tutorials on How to Cook Africa and Intercontinental Foods and Sell on Amazon Store

2. Partner with Google, get Food companies to advertise on your blog and get paid for every advert clicks.

3. Partner with local businesses to organize healthy food seminar and conferences for Mums in your area - especially now that people are careful of what and where they eat.

4. Partner with Healthcare centers in your area, train mums on best food recipes for Babies.

5. Establish a personal Food Coaching Business for your audience and earn from it.

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If you interested on seeking one on one support on how I can support you in this business, call 08084219399 for more profitable tips you can follow to get started from home.

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Please share your comments and opinion.

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