Profitable Online Business You Can Start While Working Full Time

Like you, there was once a time I thought of how I could start and run a part-time internet business that needs little or none of my total commitment, may be once in a week and generate a reliable monthly income but owned and manage independently by me, in addition to my regular job.
From my personal experience, here are the steps I took and how I turned my passion and over one (1) year accounting software design and implementation experience to a profitable part-time business while I keep my day job.

This blog has generate over N200,000 pure training income from Accounting Software Services, Design and Implementation for my company.

Discover your passion or Start with your Industry working experience
One of the areas you must not overlook when thinking of starting a business is looking at yourself and innate ability from within – this is so vital to the extent that you will be surprise to discover that all the possible business ideas you have will need requires little or no training to get started in just weeks.

You can also leverage your working experience by offering tips, advice and information, on what you learned on job sites, to interested audience seeking active involvement in your industry – this is good for working experience that are consulting related.

The idea of this blog came when I discovered my passion for sharing Tech Tips and excellent knowledge of application of Accounting Software for SME’s, having designed and implemented accounting software projects for businesses in IT, Finance, Engineering, Insurance, Wholesale and Retail Sectors.

Create a Blog and Offer Immediate Value Blog
One of the best ways to get noticed and trusted online is to stop procrastinating and waiting for the perfect time and start delivering free service to people via tips, advice, information and tutorials by creating a blog.

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When I learned how to use accounting software, one of the rewarding steps I took to improve on my career was to create an accounting software tutorial blog after which I expanded the scope based on popular demand to business and technology tips.

I highly recommend Host Gator  and NameCheap for your blog hosting plan.

Promote your blog
Get on social network platforms and post your tips, ideas on forums and submit your blog to Google search engine – For the past months , my clients has been from Google search engine which no doubt is attracting zero marketing cost but a return on investment of at least N20k per training for my company.

Monetize your blog and Sell your services:
After building trust and credibility via immediate delivery of value on your blog– organise a weekend training class for your audience, sell your services, attract local advertisers via Google Adsense and make money

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