How to trade US Stocks with your Domiciliary Account and Rake Foreign Currencies Into Your Account

 For those of you that are do not have a domiciliary account, I have written a simple step-by-step guide on how to open a domiciliary account and do legitimate business here in Nigeria.

One of the profitable home or office based part-time businesses you can start with your domiciliary account is trading US stocks for long term profits and capital appreciation.

US stocks are listed company’s shares that are traded in US stock exchange – from the popular shares in Standard and Poor 500 index group like: Google, Apple, Intel, Microsoft Inc, Walmart Inc, Mastercard, Visa Card, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Coca Cola, Exxon Mobile and so on. 

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You have the opportunity of becoming part owners of these great business, enjoy steady dividend payment and be rewarded for share price increase.

Simple Steps to Trade US Stocks

1. Open a trading account with a registered stock brokerage firm by filling an account opening form online. It takes only 5 minutes to do this. I use ChoiceTrade Brokerage Services
2. Send scanned copy of your Drivers' License or International Passport to the customer service department of your preferred stock brokerage firm.
3. Check your mail box for a confirmation message with your stock brokerage account number.
4. Fund your account via bank wiring or online fund transfer (with your Domiciliary account)
5. Start buying your preferred company shares after due financial statement and performance analysis.

 These are the simple steps to get your stock brokerage account set-up, buy and sell US stocks online with a domiciliary account and create a long term income stream for yourself.

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