Affiliate Marketing Income - How I Made My First Cash on JUMIA Nigeria

For those of you that have a blog or may be still thinking how to start a blog and earn a second stream of income from it, here is a review of how you can partner with JUMIA Nigeria, refer your website visitors to them and get paid when they buy online.

Jumia Nigeria is one of the leading online shopping brands in Nigeria. You can select from all product types on their website, order and get it delivered to you anywhere you are in Nigeria.

From Mobile phones, fashion and accessories, household appliances, business and office equipment, computers and laptops, Health & Beauty products and so on.

Jumia Affiliate - An affiliate is someone that is connected to a merchant and get paid on sales he referred from his website.  

This image from Jumia will explain better:

JUMIA is giving blog owners opportunities to advert their product and get paid per sale.

Read the testimonies of guys that make money from JUMIA.

“Earned $27.50 from One Product Sold via Jumia Affiliate Program”
The Jumia affiliate program gives you a platform where you can earn money from the comfort of your home. I earned N4125 ($27.50) from one product sold on Jumia. You can get a steady residual income from the Jumia Affiliate program.
Jide Ogunsanya

“A credible online business platform in Nigeria”

I am an internet marketer and I registered with a lot of programs online, but I’m impressed that we have an indigenous company that enables me to earn online. I joined Jumia’s affiliate program over 6 months ago and it has been really profitable.
Pascal Okafor

“Make money just by inserting Jumia’s banner”

Jumia Nigeria has attained the height as the leading African online retailing company. In order to achieve its desire of becoming the best in Nigeria, they launched a program for their fans and followers. With its in-depth penetration of the market in Nigeria the opportunity has risen for Nigerians to make money online as an affiliate of Jumia. The earning ability is enormous and anyone is welcome to join and earn good money from it.
Peter Kanayo

“Become a Jumia Affiliate and make up to N30, 000 ($200) Online”

As Nigerians, we all seek ways to help ourselves and also crave financial independence. The Jumia affiliate program give that opportunity to do more online and get paid for your time. Unlike the other programs online, it is designed by Nigerians and for Nigerians and

How I made my first affiliate sales on Jumia

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I was amazed to see my first commission income when I logged on to my Jumia affiliate account today as shown below.

As I drilled deeper to see the product that generated the sales, I saw mobile phone.

My first Jumia affiliate commission from mobile phone sales.

When you look at the image above and the definition of who an affiliate is, you will see that my blog visitor was directed to Jumia via one of my mobile phone articles and bought a Tecno phone worth N2928.57 and I received a commission of N146.43.

My subsequent Affiliate earning increased by N1500

Though the earning is small but it is no doubt that a continuous commission like this can amount to something tangible as second income source for you.

It is also a proof that you can start a product review blog and monetize it.

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Learn How To Your Own Profitable Internet Business Without Paying For Advert