How I Make Daily Income from FBN Money Market Fund

In the process of seeking a reliable investment windows that I can put my money in, I discovered the FBN Money Market Fund.

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Today, I wish to share my FBN Money Market Fund Statement of Account as a proof of my daily interest income on investment of N6000 initial capital.

I cancelled my home address for security reason.

On the FBN Investment units statement, you will find my Name, Investment Capital, Offer Price and Units.

Here is a snapshot of my current interest income as at when I posted this article.

From this statement, you will see that a N6000 invested in FBN Money Market Fund has yielded N12.93 which is not bad as 2-weeks return on investment compared to your normal savings account.

Please note that this is test of how real and profitable this investment is, as I wish to go on monthly investment.

Why First Bank Money Market Fund is better than Savings Account.

1. You will earn an average of 11.9% on your investment while savings deposit in bank pays an average of 2% on yearly basis.

2. Your investment in FBN Money Market grows everyday while you savings deposit balance remains fixed and instead is exposed to loose of real value via inflation.

3. FBN money market fund investment plans is good for a long-term project plan while cash deposit may be exposed to emergency spending or normal cash withdrawal which may hinder your project plan.

4. In a period of high interest rate like now, FBN Money market is the best fixed income investment as it returns a higher profit than savings account.

For more information on how to get started, please call Andrew on 0810007980