How to Open and Verify Paypal Account In Nigeria Using BlackBerry and Payooner MasterCard

While going through OgbongeBlog today, I stumbled on a post where he shared a thread written by a Nairalander on step by step guide on how to own and verify a USA PayPal account yourself here in Nigeria and have decided to share the info with you.

The trick simply involves the use of a Blackberry phone with an active BIS and a USA virtual bank account (VBA).

The Blackberry lets you access the PayPal website using a foreign IP. Hence, no need for a VPN nor a software to change your Nigerian IP. The VBA, on the other hand is needed for PayPal verification. Though, without it, you can still open your unverified PayPal account.


==> Visit with your default BB browser, to check the IP address of your phone. The country shown there is not going to be Nigeria. It might be United Kingdom. Just take note of the country.

==> Next, is to generate the US address and US phone number needed for opening the PayPal account. You can get that from or any other yellow pages website. Just copy down the details.

Alternatively, use: 

***5 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169

City: Las Vega, State : NV , Zip Code:89169, Telephone: (702) 796-****

Replace the asterisks with any number of your choice. You can change your phone number later to a real one, through PayPal can even reach you.

==> Next, is to visit the homepage of USA PayPal via  According to the OP of the thread, opening a USA PayPal account with UK IP might make PayPal think you are living in UK but you are a US citizen who wants to open a PayPal account to be linked to your USA bank account. 

==> Click on "Sign Up", Choose "Premium" account type, fill in your details including a valid email address, plus the US address and phone number generated earlier and click on "Agree and Create Account" button.

==> A new page should open, click on "Go to my account" link. Then, click on "Confirm email address" link. You will see a space where you can enter your confirmation code.

==> Open your email address with your BB default browser in another tab. Do not use any other browser. (Very Important!). You will see the verification email sent to you by PayPal. Open it and copy out the verification code.

==> Go back to PayPal account and paste/enter the verification code in the space provided. If successful, you will be directed to the next page to provide two secret questions and answers for security. Provide the info and submit.

==> Congrats! You just opened a  PayPal account, though unverified. You can use it to send and receive money, though there are some limits on it.

Stage 2, is the PayPal account verification process.

==> You will need a USA virtual bank account (VBA) for this. You need to find a seller online. Anyone that sells a VBA to you will provide you with: A routing numberan account numberBank namea USER ID and a password

==> Once you have your VBA info, go to "My Account" page and click on "Add bank account"

==> Add your US bank details as required in the fields you will see in the next page and click on "continue"

==> Enter the User ID and Password provided to you by the VBA seller and click on "Confirm Instantly". If successful, you will see a "Bank account confirmed" alert displayed on the page. 

That's all. 


==> The fact that you're verified doesn't mean your account can't be limited. So, don't keep too much money in your account

==> Anything you want to do relating to this PayPal account should be done through your Blackberry default browser

==> Alert on any transaction you make will be sent to your email. So, you don't always need to login to your account. Only log in there when you want to send money. 

I hope this helps.

If you don't know how to verify your Paypal, refer to How to Verify Paypal with Payoneer MasterCard Here

Source: OgongeBlog