MTN Caller Tunes Ringtones Downloads - Activate and Deactivate Callertunez on Mobile Phones

CallerTunez is the service that offers MTN subscribers the unique ability to personalize their ring back tones. By default, phones play the boring and not-so-pleasing "tring-tring" tone. This ability to personalize Ring Back Tones (RBT) has opened new and exciting doors for MTN subscribers.
An enhanced and user friendly Caller Tunez is being introduced by MTN. The new features will provide customers several ways to sample and subscribe to the service.  The service is compatible to all handset types.

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How It Works
The customer can buy different Caller Tunez to make up a library of 10 different songs. Simply follow any of the steps below to buy and activate your caller tunez:
  • To get Caller Tunez via SMS: Simply type the code of your choice in an sms and send to 4100.
  • To get Caller Tunez via IVR: Dial and listen to samples tunes, browse through the tune and buy from the Top 10 list, from the Latest Releases list, or by buying a Music Box.
  • By visiting the MTN Caller Tunez Store via the MTN website: and accessing the same features available via the IVR version of the store.
The customer will be billed for Caller Tunez in the following ways:
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: The customer will pay N50/month as subscription or access fee in order to access the tunes bought and stored in the Personal Library, as well as the MTN-provided default tunez.
  • Caller Tunez Fees: The customer can download his/her choice of Caller Tunez for N50/tune at any time via SMS, IVR or Web, for his/her Personal Library.
  • IVR Fee: The customer will pay N15 per-minute fee for browsing through the IVR menu.

How to Search for CallerTunez Via SMS
Send reg in an SMS to 4100 to register for Caller Tunez service
Send help in an SMS to 4100 to get help information about Caller Tunez
Send cancel in an SMS to 4100 to deregister the Caller Tunez service
Send del+tunecode in an SMS to 4100 to delete a tune from the Caller Tunez service for example del702439
Send newtune in an SMS to 4100 to query new tunez from the Caller Tunez service
Send top10 in an SMS to 4100 to query top 10 songs from the Caller Tunez service