Elizabeth Arden Perfumes Price List - Red Door Green Tea Sunflower 5th Avenue in Nigeria

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Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfumes
A cool and rejuvenating burst of energy with notes of green tea‎,‎ cherry blossom‎,‎ mandarin and white birch‎.‎ A citrus floral fragrance which excite the senses and revives the spirit‎.‎

Key Features
  • citrus floral fragrance
  • Notes: green tea, cherry blossom, mandarin and white birch
  • 100ml

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Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfumes

Features and Fragrance Mood‎:‎ Feminine‎,‎ sparkling‎,‎ youthful and sophisticated‎.‎ Red Door Aura is a dazzling‎,‎ modern expression the signature Red Door‎.‎

Developed by the same master perfumer who created Red Door‎,‎ 

Red Door Aura opens with a sparkling introduction of Luscious Raspberry and Italian Bergamot‎.‎ 

A contemporary sensual quality is added with woody notes and addictive creaminess‎.‎ 

Sparkling with elegance and a subtle sensuality‎,‎ Red Door Aura is perfect for days or nights when you want to express your effortless glamour‎.‎

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Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Perfumes

5th Avenue is a world‐famous street;‎ it is a symbol of wealth,‎ an imagination that has turned into reality.‎ 

This is a fragrance for a woman who possesses a sense of style‎,‎ a woman who is intelligent‎,‎ successful,‎ elegant,‎ and easily walks between luxurious showcases,‎ feeling good in her own skin.‎ 

The top notes are lilac,‎ linden blossoms,‎ dewy magnolia,‎ mandarin and bergamot‎.‎

The heart notes are Bulgarian pink violet,‎ ylang‎‐ylang‎,‎ jasmine,‎ Indian tuberose,‎ peach,‎ carnation and nutmeg.‎ 

The base is composed of amber,‎ Tibetan musk,‎ sandalwood,‎ iris and vanilla
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