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Generally Power inverters convert DC voltage from a battery to AC voltage used by home or office appliances. When it comes to a reliable power backup during PHCN outage or generator shut-down, Inverters are good alternative to use

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Inverters are commonly rated according only to their CEC efficiency. It is a key parameter when comparing competing products. However, efficiency alone does not provide a decisive conclusion about a product’s inherent value. After all, an operator profits most when his PV system is achieving the highest possible yield. Other than efficiency, additional factors play a key role here.

The term efficiency is frequently used synonymously with the conversion efficiency level. The overall efficiency , which is made up of the conversion efficiency and the adaptation efficiency, however, provides a meaningful statement on an inverter’s efficiency.
The Conversion Efficiency
The conversion efficiency describes the ratio between the input and output power and the quality of the power electronics. Here, common specifications include the maximum efficiency and the CEC efficiency. The CEC efficiency is calculated using the following formula.
ŋCEC = 0.04*ŋ10% + 0.05*ŋ20% +
0.12*ŋ30% + 0.21*ŋ50% +
0.53*ŋ75% + 0.05*ŋ100%
The values are recorded at three different PV voltages (minimum, nominal and maximum input voltage) at six levels for the nominal output. The average value of this measured data yields the CEC efficiency, which is rounded off in 0.5% increments.
However, the CEC efficiency has several deficiencies. For example, the power loss caused by higher module temperatures is not taken into account and an undersized or oversized PV generator is also not considered. In addition, the weighting factors are calculated from the average hourly irradiation values. As a result, the weighting of the factor for 75% of the nominal output is excessively high.
The Adaptation Efficiency
The adaptation efficiency describes the inverter’s capacity to convert the energy supplied by the PV generator. It is a feature for rating the MPP tracker’s control properties. Temperature and irradiation as well as the static and dynamic behavior of the MPP tracker are significant. The tracking speed provides information on the ability to record the impact of fast and unexpected changes occurring in the irradiation (e.g., due to clouds passing by). The adaptation efficiency does not describe the mismatching of the modules.
The static MPP tracking efficiency describes the ratio between the DC power that is effectively drawn by the inverter to the power supplied by the PV generator under constant conditions during this time. In contrast, the dynamic efficiency is the sum of the MPP energy, which is absorbed under temporary varying conditions at different power levels, in relationship to the maximum DC power theoretically possible.
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