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Are you looking for a good and long lasting cold refrigerator or deep freezer to buy for home, business or office use? Here is a reliable guide on latest prices of refrigerators and deep freezers and how to order online in Nigeria.

According to Philstar, here are reliable tips to buying a good refrigerator or deep freezer.

Look beyond look. Don’t just judge a refrigerator by its color or its beauty. Look closely at the handles, hinges, seals and interior — check them for sturdiness and possible deficiencies.
Size it up. Is it the right size for your needs? Consider the size based on the number of people in your family and the amount of food you need to store. Make sure to always allow at least a quarter-inch gap for air to circulate behind the refrigerator and on all sides.
Compare power numbers. There’s a sticker on every refrigerator display showing EEF, energy use (in kWh) and cost to operate. The higher the EEF, the more cost-efficient it will be. But of course, the energy-efficient models are more expensive in price than others. But if you think about how much you may save in a year, it could be worth the money you spend today.
Check ergonomic features. Look for a refrigerator that allows freedom of movement so members of the family can get what they want. Can the kids easily reach for their snacks? Is the door effortless enough to open for older people? Is the water dispenser or icemaker simple to operate?
Check for reliability. Choose a brand that many trust and has a great track record of reliability and durability.
Where To order best refrigerator or deep freezer brands and pay on delivery.

Samsung Refrigerators 

LG Refrigerators 

Scan Frost Refrigerators 

Panasonic Refrigerators 

Daewoo Refrigerators 

You will find links to all your favour brands - from Samsung LG Sharp Haier Thermocool Scanfrost  Panasonic  IGNIS Nexus Polystar Tamashi Solstar Royal Qasal to Midea.

Where To Order Freezer Online And Pay On Delivery:

If you are looking to buy a specific trusted brand of durable refrigerator or deep freezer and price list, use the link below to order from Konga and pay on delivery to your location.

Haier Thermocool Freezer

Samsung Freezer

LG Freezer

Scan Frost Freezer 

Panasonic Freezer

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