How to make people buy your product online

Are you thinking how to sell your product online, persuade your blog visitors to buy online or make money through affiliate marketing?

In this guide, I will be sharing three (3) powerful secrets I discovered and still using to make my blog visitors buy most of the affiliate product I promote on my blog.

Here is a snapshot of my daily sales and affiliate commission as a proof that these internet marketing tricks work.

1    Use your buyers language and make Google like your blog – as an affiliate marketer who wants to be successful selling your own or other peoples’ product online, you must learn how to spot buyers’ keyword which is the term they use when they search what you sell on Google while optimizing your blog post to rank high on Google Search engine. I have a post on my blog with over 60,000 pages views and accounting for 70% of all the internet sales I make – whenever people search mobile phones to buy, I show up on front page, soft sell my visitors and direct them to my merchant store. The powerful buying secret from this tip is that when people are desperately in need of a product to buy and they find you, there is 90% chance that they will buy.

2    Presell your blog visitors - After they land on your blog, what do they see? Is it in line with what they want? You should always understand that when you educate people or show your blog visitors the key features or what they should expect from what they want plus the ultimate benefits of the product they are looking for, they will naturally trust you. In internet marketing, that is the best time to recommend your merchant to them and increase your sales opportunities.

3    Tell your blog visitors what to do after reading your product reviews. All the affiliate product review on my blog has a call-to-action, at the end of each post which are there to redirect my visitors to a merchant store.  Don’t assume that they already know what to do, instead put a link like: Click here to buy, Order here and Pay on delivery or Click here. As easy as these tips may be, they have increase my visitors buying rate by 50% in the last two (2) months.

If you follow these three (3) jealously guarded secrets to make your blog visitors buy – choose your buyers’ keyword, Presell – educating your visitors about a product and tell them where to order, your business sales or affiliate marketing business is guaranteed to increase 10x.

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