3 Fast Secrets to Make Money Blogging Online in Nigeria - Internet Business Ideas

Are you still struggling to make money online in Nigeria? May be you have tried many internet business ideas that look promising at the beginning, spend so much money attending seminars that teaches one million ways to make money and at the end your bank account is still showing zero balance. Stop jumping from one money making ideas to another, this short and hot secret is for you.

In this post, I want to share practical strategies I am using to turn this blog traffic to a cash-cow. The ideas on this blog can only work for people that have a blog but do not know how to turn their blog to a profitable online business.

Secret One: Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is first internet business I started on this blog via Jumia partner program. Under the affiliate business, you get paid a fixed commission (3-9%) for every product sold through your affiliate link.

Here is a snapshot of Jumia affiliate commission received:

Secret Two: Domain Name Parking Business - This business is one of the sweetest internet business ideas I learnt from a friend who is raking $1000 monthly with a start-up capital of just N2500 invested 3 years ago.

Domain business is a system of making money from undeveloped domain names, register a name with N2500 with a trusted domain registrar, park with Google ad sense partners, promote it and get paid for every advert click on your domain name.

Here is snapshot of my domain name business revenue:

Secret Three: Mobile Advert - Just like Google ad sense program, you get paid on every advert click on the mobile version of your blog. An estimated 50% of my internet traffic comes from opera mini powered browsers which prompted me to look for available mobile advert opportunities. I use a mobile advertising partners to monetize all the mobile traffic on my blog and they pay 60% of revenue generated from your blog as your earnings. So far, my blog generates $150-$280 per month payable via PayPal.

Here is a snapshot of May, June and July Earnings as at when I wrote this article.

I hope this report shows enough proof that you can make money online without jumping from one seminar to another. All you need is a mentor that will hold you by hands and show you how he makes money online while you copy and replicate the same strategy.