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The case of Ebola virus in some part of West Africa in giving everybody a serious concern. 
One of the most widely recommendation and safety tip given by the World Health Organisation and other health related expert for preventing one's contact with the disease is to wash your hand regularly with soap and make sure you keep your hands germs-free.This is because most of our interaction with objects around us and close contact with friends and relatives are via our hands which is why your hands should be sanitized regularly.

As the doctor will always say, 'Prevention is better than Cure'.

In this short tip, I will be sharing a simple and effective hand sanitizer you can order in unit or bulk and pay on delivery to your door step.

Forever Hand Sanitizer

Product details

When you’re trying to keep yourself and your family healthy, some of your biggest enemies are the ones you can’t see. Being an active family, you come in contact with just about everything—including plenty of germs. Forever Hand Sanitizer® with Aloe & Honey is designed to kill 99.99% of germs. The skin-soothing stabilized aloe and hydrating honey soften and moisturize as it cleans – not to mention its pleasing scent of lemon and lavender. And the 2-oz bottle makes it the perfect size for us to have on hand anywhere, any time! Let’s face it – if you’re an active family, there’s not much you can do about picking up a few germs. But you can get rid of them quick. Forever Hand Sanitizer® – a big peace of mind in a tiny bottle. Kills 99.99% of germs Pleasing lemon & lavender scent

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